MMAC Communication

Important! To receive notifications about MMAC practice cancellations, venue changes, social events and other activities you will need to subscribe for these notifications.

Practice schedule, social events and other announcements

All swim practices and club social events are published in MMAC Calendar. The link to the calendar is located at the MMAC web site home page. We update the calendar as soon as we know about any changes. Check the calendar to confirm if there is a swim practice on any specific day.

The calendar sends automatic notifications about social events, schedule changes, and practice cancellations using MMAC distribution list (

If you wish to receive Calendar notifications, use the Subscribe for automatic calendar reminders link at the bottom of the MMAC Calendar page to add your email address to the list. Your email address will be hidden from anyone except for group admins.

Member to member communication - MMAC Facebook Group

If you are on Facebook, join Manitoba Masters Aquatic Club Facebook group.  This is a closed group; only MMAC members can join. Only group members can read or post messages to the group.

The MMAC Facebook Group serves two purposes:

MMAC Facebook Page

Our club has a public Facebook Page - Masters Swimming MMAC Winnipeg. Note: this Facebook Page is not the same as MMAC Facebook group.

MMAC Facebook Page is used to promote our club to the public. Page publications are visible to anyone on the Internet (you don’t need to be on Facebook to see the Page). Only Board members can publish to the Page. If you have any good text, link or story for the Page – please share it in the Facebook Group, or email to the MMAC registrar.

We encourage you to Like MMAC Facebook Page and promote it to your family and friends.