Patrick Peacock and Jacques Marcoux successfully swam 31km across Lake Winnipeg!

Manitoba Masters Aquatic Club Successful in Masters Nationals!

May 2010

Seven members of MMAC competed in the Canadian Nationals meet in Nanaimo May 21 – 24th.

Stephanie Bigelow, Ruth Horne, Glenn Davis, Doug Fyfe, Brian Leier, Garth Sindrey and Steven Stothers represented MMAC.  Individually and as a team we did very well. Full results can be found at Here are the results for top 3 finishers in their events: 

Stephanie:  1st in 100 back, 100 fly, 400 IM and 2nd in 200 IM and 50 fly
Ruth:  1st in 800 free, 2nd in 100 fly and 3rd in 50 free and 50 fly
Brian:  3rd in 50 free
Garth:  1st in 50 free, 50 fly, 100 free, 100 fly and 100 breast
Steven: 1st in 200IM, 200 Back, 2nd in 50 free, 50 back and 100 fly
Relays:  1st in 200 Male medley (Glenn, Garth, Steven, Brian – just touching out the competition by 4/100 second!) and 2nd in the Mixed 200 free relay (Ruth, Stephanie, Brian, Garth)

With 92 teams and 600 swimmers competing how did MMAC do?  We placed 18th of 92 teams overall and 12th among the 86 teams in the small team category. Considering that our club had fewer swimmers competing than many of the other small clubs, a very good showing.  Points are awarded based on the order of finish in each event and age group (5 year groupings e.g. 40-44, 45-49, etc).  Points are awarded for finishers from 1-16 in each age group.  All our swimmers contributed points to the MMAC team doing well in Nanaimo.

It’s not all about the points though, there are all levels of swimmers at nationals and there is a lot of camaraderie at the meet.  There is always a lot of team spirit at the pool as everyone cheers on swimmers from all walks of life… old and young, tall and short, streamlined and streamline-challenged ;).  It’s more about the fitness and fun rather than the times.  There are also social activities in the evening where you can mingle with members from other provinces and it’s fun to catch back up with them each year at nationals.

We all enjoyed the competition.  We all have goals set for what we would like to achieve next year, all the way from gradual improvement in the performances we were happy with, to a renewed focus to never have the same thing happen in the race as what just happened, or at least to not let it be as painful as it was!

Nationals is in Montreal in 2011.  It would be great if we could have a bigger MMAC team there for that meet.  Nationals is fun, and we had over 12 people from MMAC in Montreal the previous times it has been there.  Put May long weekend in your calendars for May 20-23, 2011 and plan to attend.  Arrive on Thursday and spend an extra couple of days in the city with your friends on the team.  We can get a great discount in a group hotel booking.  Montreal puts on a great event and it is a fun city!  Talk to your coach and set a fun, achievable goal for the Nationals.

Glenn Davis