The Tank - tips and announcements

Silicone Swim Caps Available!

Get a quality MMAC logo silicone swim cap for $12!
Caps are available for purchase in the MMAC deck box.

Flip turns made easy...really!

Check out these videos for a step-by-step approach to learning and perfecting your flip turns. There are 5 videos in the series. The first is presented below. Videos 2-5 can be viewed here .

Open water cruising

For all you tri guys and gals, here's some nice open water technique.

Breaststroke technique

Yes, she's an Aussie, but she sure knows how to swim this stroke. Check out the underwater shots for some tips on breaststroke timing.

Six-Time Ironman Champion Dave Scott demonstrates basic freestyle


Goal Sheets

Don't forget your goal sheets - a great way to maintain your focus throughout the year!